Hello and welcome ! My name is J.A. (J for short 🙂 ) and I am a first time blogger who really has no clue as to what I am doing! Just trying to have some fun, make new friends, and share some of my yummy recipes and happy stories and photos along the way.

I live in a small town in southern Wisconsin but am an Iowan all the way! I share my home with my wonderful boyfriend of many years along with our two 4 legged children Toby and Jake.  They are the BEST critics in the whole world because they love everything I make !!!! I wholeheartedly believe in animal rescue, trying new things (YOLO), keeping it real, bringing back the 80’s-well the big hair and music at least, boating on a beautiful lake, smell-a-vision (please invent!)and the endless possibilities of food! Did I forget to mention world peace? Well, that too!

I am not a chef by any means. I’m just a gal who enjoys cooking but can’t follow a recipe to save my life! In my recipes I encourage you to try them as i have written, however, if you are like myself, please feel free to make them your own. I would love to hear your feedback and any substitutions you recommend! I realize some people may be intolerant to certain foods and not all ingredients are acceptable. (Being a diabetic myself I get it!) There is no perfect recipe in my opinion, just what is perfect for you! Along our food journey I would like to add some short stories of what a certain dish may mean to me and I hope you do the same!

My favorite story about food is when I was on the phone one day with my sister. She had just made a batch of her famous pumpkin bars and my nephew was scarfing them down! Next thing I hear is him asking his mom how she makes them taste so good. She told him the secret ingredient was love. Nothing is as sweet as that!


Now let’s get cookin’ !!!