Easy Summertime Anytime BBQ Ribs

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OOOH! Nothing says summer to me like baseball and fall off the bone BBQ ribs! This is a favorite of mine and of my All Star MVP baseball playing nephew and I hope my Texas born great niece and nephews too!

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I make them all year ’round but for some reason they just seem to taste better during the summer! They are probably one of the simplest meals to prepare and great for a party also. If you’re comfortable, make them ahead next time you’re going to leave for a great ball game in 90 degree weather, they will be almost ready to eat when you get home 🙂 Throw on some corn and slice up some watermelon and you are good to go! I did mine in my roaster because it’s summer and didn’t want to heat up my oven for just one rack.. There is no exact amount of anything in this recipe so you can adjust it to however many racks you are making 🙂 I can’t wait to make these ribs again in a few weeks for my nephews and nieces as I FINALLY get to see them again! It’s been wayyyy to long and I miss them like crazy!!!

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(This is for one rack, but applies to as much as you would like to make)

Rack of baby back ribs



Garlic Powder

Salt & Pepper


Your FAV bbq sauce

(We LOVE Great Value Sweet and Rich)


Preheat roaster or oven to 250 degrees.

Rinse off ribs and with a steak knife, slice a thin grove through the silver (membrane) of the ribs ( the back side) and pull off using a paper towel then discard.

*Some people prefer not to do this, not naming names…MY SISTER!015a701afc4c4c1c0858a8ca51f0a1e57341c0d181


But I find them much tastier and more tender with this removed 🙂

Put ribs on a foil lined baking sheet and sprinkle even amounts with the dry ingredients and thyme until the rack is covered.

Cover with more foil and bake bone side down at least 5-6 hours. They are done when the ribs pull away from the bone.

NOW…you can do 1 or 2 things here. Open the foil and coat with bbq sauce and bake on high or broil til it just chars the ends of the ribs (a few minutes is all!) OR, remove and place on the grill, coating with bbq sauce. I put on the sauce, grill for about 3 minutes and flip and repeat.

That’s it and easy clean up too!  I hope you enjoy them!!!

*action photos courtesy of Grandma Pam 🙂


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